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'Most enjoyable. His work has a very northern feel to it - He's like the LS Lowry of poetry'

Syd Little (Little and Large)

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“When he (Steven) asked me to check out this book of his work and give him some feedback.  I must say I was astonished and impressed by how

carefully crafted these poems are, comedic and serious alike.

As well as being clever and funny, they've also been given that special

tender touch.  If I wasn't now retired from writing I might even be slightly jealous”.

Phil Cool (comedian, writer)

“.... a bloody good writer.'  When you read a piece and think “Well, that’s very true” or “Those are my views exactly” it can be hard to appreciate the work that’s gone into it because that’s just how YOU would have expressed it. If you could, that is.  Have fun reading them - I know I certainly did”.

Bernard Wrigley  (writer, comedian, poet, actor, musician)

“ Steven’s poems hold a mirror up to everyday life. They’re insightful, thought provoking and funny. And there's more - I defy you not to tap your foot when you're reciting some of them out loud”

Jimmy Cricket (comedian)


“My old mate Steven has written his first book of poetry and it's cracking. Like the secret love child of John Cooper Clarke and Pam Ayres, he muses with warmth and wit on his life, loves and Lancashire. With each verse, the bartender turned tender bard, gradually reveals himself, like his 'girl on the peanut card', and the result is a great read, from a good lad”.

Mark Hurst /Mark Miwurdz (comedian, poet, writer)

“…..his prose is impassioned, intellectual, ethereal, and funny….. “
Austin Knight (comedian)

“…..A funny man and a proper gent who writes proper poems.”

Dave Cohen (comedian, writer- Have I Got News For You,

Spittin- Image, Horrible Histories)

.”..very enjoyable and well written”

Mark Potter (guitarist/writer—Elbow)

There is a LOT to enjoy and reflect upon in Steven’s collection of poems. He seems to have covered just about everything that most people can relate to, laugh at or fear - from the crap on our televisions to preferring to go to North Korea than IKEA; from idiosyncratic British towns with VERY rude names to being unfortunately related to a traffic warden; from the merits of being insignificant to the annoying proliferation of the ubiquitous selfie stick.

Not much escapes his eagle eye and skilful poetic wit – Ryanair; childhood memories; stupid holiday souvenirs; fish and chips; the bland uniformity that blights our towns – you name it he’s probably versified about it.

There are also some moving poems about the Manchester arena bombing and some fine tributes to our lovely northern towns.

This book will make you think and make you laugh. I’m pleased to own it and recommend it!

Dave Dutton –(actor, writer, comic, Lancashire lad).


....'Poetry ‘Taylor made’ for real people, insightful and delightful'.

John Fleming (Blogger, TV producer, comedy guru).

I love reading the poems Steven writes. every single one either makes me laugh out loud, evokes a memory or poses an interesting question. Often a combination of all the above and more besides to be fair!​

Lyndsay Hopkinson  (musician, promoter)

'He takes the everyday and makes it personal and makes you smile'

BBC Radio Lancashire.


'It is always a pleasure to welcome Steven to Bacup Folk Club. His poetry is poignant. funny and always well received. He has a lovely way of

 viewing the world, with an eye for the real and uniquely absurd. He

conveys this in his own inimitable style with rhythm, feeling and integrity'.

Dom Dudill  Bacup Folk Club.

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