Thanks to people sending pics from all over the world of my book. Here are a few more

Hawaii and Mexico City  - courtesy of Ian 

To commemorate the poppy display at the

Imperial War Museum North

A single poppy
That we tightly clutch
Small but significant 
Stands for so much

Remember the numbers
Who went unsung 
For the loss of too many
Too many too young

Who fought for their country
The horrors they saw
The wasting of life
The futility of war

So look at the art
The representation
A ceramic landscape
Respecting a nation

A crimson cascade
A river of flowers

Reminder of some

Of our darkest hours

So reflect and consider 
And think as you gaze
And pray to your God
It’s the end of those days

©Steven P. Taylor 2018

I recently visited the Imperial War Museum North, where the famous 'Tower of London' poppy display is now located. There is a very moving film and incredible poem by the great Tony Walsh (longfella). I can't recommend it highly enough. GO !

Aaron Starkie, singer with The Slow Readers Club having a slow read of my book. Fabulous band, check them out.

The lovely Jimmy Cricket asked if he could have a copy of my book and sent me a nice review - see 'Testimonials'

Thanks to Ted Sherrat for this photo of Simon reading my book in Rio !


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Lots going on in Manchester at the moment with 'Bee in the City'