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This is a small selection of my poems..

Hope you like.

Please feel free to comment on anything at all on this site.



It’s a great gastronomic concept

It’s a wonderful work of art

It tantalises the taste buds

It challenges the heart


It’s a staple for the family

Always guaranteed to please

It’s what meal times are all about

It’s fish chips and mushy peas


A batter of flour and water

Envelopes that haddock or cod

And seals in the flavour of oceans

To produce the food of the gods


The finest Maris Piper potatoes

In the chip world are the bee’s knees

With steeped green marrowfat babies

Perfect fish chips and mushy peas


Don’t mess with this battered beast

No ponsy triple cooked fries

Leave those peas like they were intended

No unwanted culinary surprise


It’s an essential on a winter’s day

Or alfresco in a summer breeze

Whether on a plate or in newspaper

It’s fish chips and mushy peas


Why would it cross your mind to eat

Caviar, truffles or beef cheeks

Hold back those plates of indulgence

For the sybaritic freaks


The world’s greatest sport stars and athletes

Don’t live on Indian and Chinese

They need calories to bring them stamina

Which comes from fish chips and peas


It’s a delicious deep-fried delicacy

An epicurean delight

We want none of your nouvelle cuisine

It’s a proper chippy tea tonight


It’s one of the major facts of life

As important as birds and the bees

You’ll find improvement in your love making

After fish chips and mushy peas


It’s all the sustenance needed

The food of the gods without doubt

All the nourishment you could wish for

It’s the dinner to shout about


So, stick with the original fast food

No pizzas or burgers with cheese

You’ll only be in food heaven when dining

On fish chips and mushy peas




Happy ‘whatevers’ Day.

Father’s Day
Mother’s Day
Any bloody others day.
Just a game
Just a trend
Another way to make you spend.
Make an effort
Make a show
Once a year to let them know.
Make them wanted
Make it real
Take them for some shitty meal.
Buy them flowers
Buy them chocs
Like birthdays but without new socks.
It’s not from you
It’s a farce
Just for once get off your arse.
Life is good
When you share
In that moment show you care.
But it’s commercial
It’s enforced
It’s what’s expected now of course.
So happy Easter/
Or anytime we reconvene.
So thanks for life
And thanks for health
And thanks for thinking for yourself. 
To show your love
Before you’re old
When you feel not when you’re told !

Happy ‘Clintons’ payday.




Innermost thoughts are suppressed,
Held fright too tight inside,
With no one will they be shared,
And left, bereft to decide.

And fester and grow they will,
With no outlet all contained,
And the mind can’t always cope alone,
Irrationality unrestrained.

So speak and share with those close,
Confide your deepest dark fears,
And in sight a light could emerge,
That will free to see through the tears.

Open up and take help as given,
There’s no weakness in showing fear,
A thought withheld can break man,
Throw down pride for life is more dear.


One night


Let’s book a room somewhere cheap
Let’s talk about matters deep
Let’s go to bed but not to sleep
Let’s make promises we won’t keep.

Let’s plan for a future we won’t see
In our utopia you and me
Then ask each other to be set free
It’s how to go it’s how to be.

We’ll say we’ll set the world alight
Away from all that’s crass and trite
But soon enough we’ll just take flight
And steal away into the night


Lets pretend that we’re not lovers

Take no notice of the others

Know that we won’t be discovered

Live our lies beneath the covers.


Across the bay

Gazing across the vast bay,
Sun down at the close of day,
And the two of us flirted,
On a beach deserted,
As the tide just ebbs away.

And the feeling of peace is there,
And there’s stirrings of love in the air,
Whatever we do,
It’s just me and you,
For the rest I really don’t care.

And the mountains that rise o’er the sea,
In the distance majestically,
Stand bold and tall,
Looking down on us all,
And are solid as are you and me.



High tide

The ruthless crashing waves are breaking
A thousand photos for the taking
Stroll through clouds of salty mist
Embrace the taste of nature’s kiss
As winter tides thrash unforgiving
Churning with a lust for living
The ocean with its power on course
Relentless in its strength and force
Irrepressible rage is ever present
Ferocious, formidable,  incessant.
To stand and watch to stop and stare
Will calmly drench the unaware
Scaring daring passing by
The chance to glance when tide is high
Dark and deep, fraught with danger
The wondrous spectacle of nature



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