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I started working as a promoter / compere in the early
Eighties during the start of the new or alternative
comedy scene. I ran the ‘Laughingas’ comedy clubs with
comedian Phil Cool in various Lancashire venues, working with
new comedians including Jack Dee, Jo Brand and Paul Merton.
After a break of ten years I briefly re-launched
‘Laughingas’ with the likes of Bolton legends Peter Kay,
Bernard Wrigley, Bob Williamson and Hovis Presley.
During all this name dropping I was writing poetry.
It’s only over the last couple of years that I have been performing
poetry at pubs, folk clubs and anywhere that people will listen.
I was educated at Elton Primary school, and then The Derby School in Bury, where I learned most of the swear words
included in my book, and how to blow smoke rings.
I live in Ramsbottom Lancashire and have a leaking kitchen roof.




The Poems


The selection of poems / songs in this book 

were mainly written between 2015 and 2018.

Some have featured in other publications.

A second volume (Reflections 2) is now available.

Details on merchandise page

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